First Time Linux


It's not long at all since the Mandriva 2007.0 release, but already there's a new version out, named 2007.1 or 2007 Spring. It was a tough call between Kubuntu Feisty (7.04) and 2007 Spring, as they were released almost simultaneously, but after trying them both in their live versions, I decided to upgrade my 2007.0 to 2007.1.

Upgrading to 2007 Spring

After the experience of unsuccessfully trying to install 2007.0 using the install cd, I went ahead with the 2007 Spring upgrade using the One cd which I had already been trying out. The install process was very similar to before, using One's graphical interface to set the partitions, users and so on. After a surprisingly fast install, and a reboot, the system was very painlessly updated.

Updating via urpmi with the new Spring sources was also easy, and adding all the applications back in was an easy but lengthy job. Java, Java3d, Eclipse (and its plugins), Skype, RealPlayer, and the plugins to Firefox were the only things which weren't automatically done using the Add Software tool. Interestingly there are now rpms in the repository for Sun's JRE and JDK for 1.5 and 1.6, although I haven't tried them out yet. The good news is that the application groupings are much cleaner now, and the start menu is now a lot more sensible - for example the Add Software tool which used to be three layers deep in the menus is now directly under "System" where it should be.


Big improvements, including no more system crashes, even when using Povray or Java3d! Very welcome! Apps are now showing up the start menu like they should, no updates have broken the system yet (after several weeks), and there are even some application updates since the 2007.0 release (including geolocalization information in Digikam, spell-checking in Firefox 2).

Konqueror's filename wrapping is still shoddy, and the problem with the hanging ftp clients is still there (but not in Feisty), but overall it feels more solid and comfortable than 2007.0 did.