First Time Linux

Raspberry Pi

In many ways, buying a raspberry pi is a problem looking for a solution. I knew that I wanted one even when they first came out, but I just needed to find a use for it. An excuse to buy one. I think that all readers will already know what a Raspberry Pi is, but in case you don't, it's a tiny, single-board computer. See wikipedia or for more information if you haven't seen one already.

picture of raspberry pi

As you can see in this picture, it looks like a basic circuit board, with a few sockets on the top, but it's actually a real computer. It is only about the size of a credit card (actually a little bit bigger and obviously much thicker due to the sockets) but it can run a real linux system, and use a real monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's got an ARM processor, which is more like the processor in a mobile phone than the one in your computer, but still, it's capable of running many things that a netbook can. And it's really cheap, around 35 Euros for the basic board.

You can see a picture of my new Raspberry Pi, with the most important features labelled, on the basics page.

What can we use it for?

When buying the laptop, the barebone and the netbook, I started out by looking at what I wanted to use the thing for, and used that to decide what to buy. With the Raspberry Pi, I'm going in the opposite direction, trying to find a use for something that I wanted to buy. So I spent quite a bit of time doing research and reading what people were already doing with theirs, and figuring out what I could do with one.

Here are some early ideas for what to try out with this new toy: