First Time Linux

More Information

This section contains a few collections of things which I noted on my travels, things which I found useful on the way.

The commands and shortcuts page has several useful unix commands and a selection of KDE keyboard shortcuts. Some useful tips I've discovered are listed in the tips and tricks page, in particular some notes on video creation (such as tutorial videos and slideshow DVDs) and music management (such as mp3 tags).

On the subject of file management, there are two pages dealing with comparisons and synchronization. There's a page on using rsync to manage sets of files on two computers (such as a desktop PC at home and a mobile netbook) and keeping them synchronized. Plus there's a page looking at diff and patch to create and apply patches to bunches of files, and a page about pie charts and various software for creating them.

Next, there are some notes on how to give something back to the open source community (if you want to) in the contributing page. And finally there's a discussion about some of the misconceptions I had about linux before I dived in, and how they compare with what I found.